Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus in Christianity?

Three true religiones was reduced to humanity according to religious sources in past. These religiones are respectively Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Judaism was reduced by way of Moses, Christianity was reduced by way of Isa and Islam was reduced by way of Muhammad.

We will mention Jesus prophet in our article.

Christianity religion was reduced to humanity as the second of the three true religious. The religion teachings of Christianity was communicated by the Prophet Jesus son of Mary.

Jesus is leader of Christianity religion which was accepted by people all around the world.

Name of Jesus is holy name. Jesus is reputable for Christian communities.

Christian communities refer as the holy ghost, son of Mary or single Jesus.

They at once remember Jesus name while give thanks,  a celebration and pray in daily life.

Jesus name is thus important and esteemed in Christendom. But unfortunately this situation is exaggerated.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus is a prophet created by God (Allah). He is not God, Creator and God’s son.

These are true, a indisputable info and base of faith. There are tense of verse of the Qoran and the prophet Muhammad’s sayings interested in the subject.

Ihlas Sura in Qoran say so:

Say, Allah is one, he is samed, he did not breed and did not breed by no one.

Also you can look Nisa Sure 171. verse, Maide Sura 72,7374, 75 and 116. verses in Qoran related to subject.

It is basic curiosity and susceptibility of human interested in Qoran for to learn truth.

Significance of Faith to Jesus’s Prophet

Allah which is our Creator notified that he will not forgive certain major sin.

The shirk is first of these major sin. You can read our essay under heading iman nedir? imanın çeşitleri nelerdir? (as turkish language) for more info bout shirk.

Shirk is shortly to attribute a partner to God (Allah) which is one creator of universes.

To say that Jesus is God and God’s son is shirk and to pluralize Creator.

So faith cause to God’s heat. This true is steady with verses than Qoran.

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