What’s Sekine Prayer?

Prayer is the a spiritual medicine. We need to it from time to time. Prayers differ according to our requestes and necessities. Prayers can be done all the time and different ways.

For example, prayer can practiced any with a verse from Quran, with hadishies of prophet Muhammed and with a whichever prayer beads.

It is known that spesific prayers sometimes for spesific requirments more efficient than others.

Sekine prayer is one than special prayers too.

Information About Sekine Prayer

What is Sekine Prayer?

Sekine means serenity and a peacefull spirit. No doubt every prayer is numinous. Sekine prayer is one than those numinous prayers too.

Sekine prayer starts with ferd, hayy, gayyum, hakem, adl and guddüs, the great names of God.

It continues with different verses than Quran. Sekine prayer is a prayer text which consists of short verses.

Why is Read Sekine Prayer?

Sekine prayer is a very important prayer. It can be read for various purposes. Its this aspect rises its value.

Sekine prayer can be read duo to below reasons:

Sekine prayer can be read

  • for all kind of wishes
  • for all kind of distress, calamity and depression
  • for material and inner problems
  • for casualties.
What are Mysteries of Sekine Prayer?
  • 19 number is divine for Sekine Prayer. This reality is Sekine Prayer’s most great mystery.
  • Besmele is 19 character.
  • God’s names that read at starting of Sekine is 19 character.
  • Other verses of Sekine Prayer are 19 character too.
  • Also Sekine is read 19 times.
  • After all of this Sekine Prayer is a admiration prayer.
How is Read Sekine Prayer?

Apply below stages while you read Sekine Prayer

  1. Intend
  2. Saying Allahu ekber
  3. Besmele
  4. Sekine Prayers totally is read 19 times.
  5. Amin

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