What is Qoran?

Human was created by a creator which is owner of everything. He is Allah in Islam. One request of Allah is to obey than us. He has reported with his holy books his expectation than humanity. It is Qoran which is remain intact and nth of that is holy books.

We can state Qoran as a sent letter by our Creator to us.

Islam is love religion. Allah has cereated

Qoran reading is duty of loyalty to Allah for every muslim.

Basic Caracteristics of Qoran

There is very word that will said about Qoran

Qoran is a much comprehensive holy book. Its content substantially is extensive. That substantiality of Qoran hardly can be explore by read its meaning.

Qoran has got a pretty music taste that will can be affect audience. İn this respect it can be read with different formats.

Qoran compose of 30 chapters. These chapters are named as cüz.

There are 114 sure in Qoran.

There are 6666 sentence in Qoran. These sentences is called ayet.

There are 77439 word and 323 015 letters in Qoran.

Resummarize Qoran is

30 cüz
114 sure
6666 ayet
77439 word
323 015 letter

What is Definition of Qoran?

The word meaning of Qoran is to read, to collect. The word is Arabic. Qoran word is from “karae”.

The term meaning of Qoran is holy book which was downed to humanity for last religion Islam’s notification via Hz. Muhammed (sav) with revelation by Allah.

The definition of Qoran with Qoran is as follow;

Qoran is holy book was downed by Allah which is God of universe (Hakka Sure 43, Secde Sure 2),
via revelation (Yunus Sure 15),
as Arabic (Yusuf 2),
in parts (Furkan Sure 32).

There is Which Word How Many Times in Qoran?

There are words below in Qoran

2698 times Allah word, (that is most word)

114 times besmele, (There is not besmele on Tevbe Sure’s starting, there is besmele on Neml Sure’s both starting and in)

78 times paradise, 77 times hell,

88 times angel, 88 times devil,

33 times sun, 33 times light,

12 times month, 365 times day, 30 times days,

6 times goods, 6 times bads,

115 times world, 115 times afterlife,

24 times man, 24 times woman,

234 times to forgive, 117 times that is 234’s fifty punishment,

11 times devil, 11 times defection,

12 times patience, 12 times distress,

15 times cruelty, 15 times justice,

145 times life, 145 times death,

513 times prophet, 513 times 27 messengers’ names,

50 times benefit, 50 times damage,

60 times magic, 60 times unrest words

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