What is Faith to Allah?

Definition of Faith

As dictinoary mean faith is to approve, to verify, to secure.

As term mean faith is to approve that Allah is single and one and that Muhammed is his prophet in religion.

What is Nature of Faith

Faith is a abstract concept which is not seen with eyes. It is possible to understand it with heart.

Heart is home of faith. Faith sincerely is to believe with heart.

What is Faith to Allah?

Faith to Allah is first than conditions of faith in Islam. It is Islam’s major condition.

Now let’s remember conditions of faith in Islam.

What are Conditions of Faith in Islam?

The conditions of faith in Islam are six number. These are as follows:

  1. Faith to Allah
  2. Faith to Angels
  3. Faith to Books
  4. Faith to Prophets
  5. Faith to Destiny
  6. Faith to Afterlife

Generally the faith concept is whole with all these.

The faith to Allah is related with togethetness of mind and heart world.

So saying only related to heart is to close eyes to realities which are appeal to mind of faith to Allah.

Anyway in next of our article we will see that faith to Allah is appeal to mind too.

Info Related to “Allah” Word

“Allah” word is an especial name. “Allah” word is Arabic. At the same time it is said with “Allah” word in English, Turkish, French etc. too.

Plural of “Allah” word is not found. This word stated only and one in texties of sociaeties which is adopted Islam.

“Allah” is God in English.

Is it “Allah” or “God”?

“Allah” word and “God” word are not same mean. While “Allah” is expression of oneness “God” is expression of abundance.

In history human believed to sun god, moon god as gods in different names.

That is to say “God” word state plural and concrete creator belief.

Definition of “Allah” Word

Islam autorities define “Allah” word that is; Allah is supreme existence which is his existence obligatory and which is due to all praiseies.

This define is a common define related to himself.

Who is Isa in Islam?

Isa is one of the prophets like Musa, Davud, Muhammed.

Isa is prophet of Allah in Islam.

Isa is not God.

Isa is not God’s son. 

Isa is prophet of Allah.

Ihlas Sure in Qoran is evidence related to this subject.

As follows;

”Gul hüvallahu ehad.

Allahus Samed.

Lem yelid ve lem yuled.

Ve lem yeküllehü küfüven ehad.”

That is to say;

”Say, he is one.

Allah is not needy nothing, everything is needy to him.

He did not breed and he did not breeded.

Anything is not equal and similar to him.”

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